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Life of Oyas

You'll Never Be Good Enough!

You'll Never Be Good Enough!

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Anthony Oyakhilome Justice

Published on Sep 27, 2020

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"I think you should write article; you’ll learn more that way too."

Those were the words that Anita said to me when I told her I was being skeptical about writing technical articles.

I’m pretty certain that writing is not a problem for me because I actually like to write, especially stories about my experiences.

However, writing to teach or give directions into how something is done seems to be something that I run away from. Questions like;

  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • What if they don’t like my writing style?
  • What if my way of doing things doesn’t suit them?
  • What if I teach them the wrong things?
  • What if I’m not explanatory enough?

Many more questions like these ones above kept popping up in my head over the last month since I first thought about writing technical articles.

I’ve written several articles about journeys, experiences, and a lot of other things I’ve gone through, so why can’t I approach writing technical articles the same way?

This is the question that got me thinking finally and it dawned on me that I’m never going to be good enough to start.

Just like the first time I wrote an article about my experience at a national conference and had to revise it several times before publishing it, I might have to take a similar approach with my technical writing.

I know a lot more research, information and brevity have to be involved so that people get the information I intend to pass across without too much mumble-jumble.

I, however, like to add a personal touch to my writing, it is my medium of expression and my voice in this crazy world of the internet after all. So the trick will be to get enough information as needed into my articles while also making it as personal as possible without going over the top with the personal touch.

I’ve read quite a few different articles this past month on Hashnode ranging from personal experiences, how-to guides, productivity guides, and lots more and they’ve all been quite helpful and fascinating.

So, here’s to hoping that someone or some people find my articles useful and helpful first and hopefully fascinating later on.

My name is Anthony Oyakhilome Justice and I plan to make this the first of many articles.

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