Do You Have The Skills To Land The Opportunity?

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If you are a student or a fresh graduate, you might have heard or been asked this question before when applying for a job opening. You probably might have thought about it as a student who intends to work in the fast-paced corporate world later on.

As a student in a Nigerian university, this question became a niggling thought at the back of my mind. How was I going to get this seemingly important and well-coveted job experience required while still in school? Given the current COVID_19 pandemic a lot of companies and organizations are more and more placing a priority on skills over degree.

It is common knowledge that almost all courses in Nigeria universities offer six months to one-year Industrial Training opportunities at the penultimate year of our degree programs dubbed SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme). So, we should not be worried as everyone will gain the much-needed experience during his/her Industrial Training, right?

Ummm, not exactly…


It is no secret that the digital revolution is now and that every facet of the economy is being rewritten by the involvement of technology. The current digital and technology revolution begs the question — what skills do you actually need?

You might have heard a lot about the “future of work” this period. Personally I think the term is becoming rather clichéd but it doesn’t make it any less true.

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Let’s take my case for example.

As a mechanical engineering undergraduate, the major skills I would need to learn are along the lines of fundamental and advanced knowledge of mathematics, calculus and its applications in solving real-world problems, competency in technical drawing skills, understanding of hydraulics, heat and mass transfer, the strength of materials, control systems, automotive and much more traditional subjects associated with the profession.

Are these skills the top-ranked skills needed by mechanical engineers today? Yes, but it is no longer that simple.

In the instance where your technical drawing is not all that good software like AUTOCAD, AUTODESK, are now being used in the place of traditional drafting which is usually more time consuming, expensive, and sometimes not accurate. However, with software like AUTOCAD, you eliminate the degree of inaccuracy considerably by simulating the finished work with software like Solidworks.

So, how am I going about acquiring the competency I need in my future profession and how can you relate that to your own experiences and passions for example?

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